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Starter motors, offering a comprehensive range of starter motors for mini excavators / mini diggers, including rubber tracks, steel tracks, top rollers, top carrier rollers, bottom rollers, bottom track rollers, idlers, sprockets, pins & bushes, bucket link, H link, tipping links, banana links, side links, final drives, drive motors, buckets, seal kits, water pumps, alternators, fuel pumps, filters, fuel stop solenoids, buckets, quick hitches, ripper teeth, land rakes, stone rakes, bespoke attachments to suit all makes and models of micro & mini excavators mini diggers.

Evans & Reid have been specialising in aftermarket mini excavator spare parts / mini digger spare parts for over 25 years.  Stocking replacement parts for most diggers from micro diggers, mini diggers, up to 10 ton diggers.

Nearly 65% of all starter motor failures are due to a faulty battery. When the engine is operating measure the voltage between two battery terminals.

If the voltage is between 13.8 V and 14.8 V, the alternator is operating and charging the battery. Almost 20% of all starter failures are due to poor electrical connections, fuses, bad or corroded battery cables and weak earth conditions.

Please check these before purchasing a starter motor!

Always check your engine starts easily otherwise the starter motor motor life will be shortened. Fuel feed problems, overheating, and glow plugs which do not work should be rectified as the new started will not have the life expectancy you desire.

Never ever fit a new starter motor unless the battery has been fully charged beforehand.

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