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Digga Earth Drills also known as Augur Drives for 0.75 tonne up to 10 tonne excavators. Completely manufactured and assembled by Digga, using only the highest-grade materials and strictest quality control. Eaton bell motors with integrated pressure relief valve and input housing. The innovative design allows the gearbox to go down the hole to maximise drilling depth without extensions, eliminating downtime and minimises maintenance, optimising your returns. 5yr gear box and 3yr motor warranty HALO is an alignment system located in the hood ring of Earth Drills, which provides an operator with a simultaneous clear line of sight to itself, as well as the hole being dug. HALO utilises a band of LED lights, which when fully illuminated green, indicate the unit is in a plumb position. If the unit moves from its plumb position, a sequence of red and green lights will be lit to effortlessly guide the operator back to position. WHY YOU NEED HALO No need for a spotter and spirit level to guide the operator - HALO does not take holidays or sick leave Never take your eyes off the job Ensure holes are drilled plumb and reduce the number of in-hole angle adjustments; - No oversized holes - Reduce the amount of concrete required to fill the hole - Eliminates sideload on augers & earth drills, avoiding potential damage & expensive repairs Get back to drilling faster after returning the auger into the hole HALO costs significantly less than traditional systems and eliminates the need for a costly in-cab display LED ring is recessed into hood for added protection Highly visible to operator even in bright daylight Accurate to +/- .25° Safer to operate - No need to take your eyes off the job to view in-cab alignment display Various cable lengths & power options available Numerous wiring options available Optional rechargable battery means no wiring back to the cab. Start drilling straight in seconds No need for an in-cab display Angle inclination option - Ideal for the installation of shade sails
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