Tilting Ditching Buckets

All tilting ditching bucketsĀ are twin ram with the ability to tilt 45 degrees left and right.

Twin rams give greater stability for precise grading with a tilted bucket

Bushed and greased pivots with hardened steel bushes for greater life.

Pilot operated check valves are fitted to every unit to prevent loss of control if a hose breaks and hydraulically lock the cylinders when the control valve is in neutral.

This is especially import on open centred hydraulic systems, without the valves the tilt angle would not hold, and the bucket would move.

The valves do not need adjusting or routine maintenance; they must always remain in the circuit.

Variable orifice valves are also fitted to control the speed of movement. These valves are important to prevent damage to the system or bucket if the bucket tilts too quickly.

Option of bolt on cutting edge

Full instructions regarding set up are supplied with every bucket.

Manufactured for all makes and models of excavator from 2 to 20 tonnes Twin ram.