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  • Yuchai YC85 Steel Tracks

Steel tracks offering a comprehensive range of steel tracks / steel track groups for mini excavators / mini diggers, including bolt on rubber pads, steel track groups C/W bolt on rubber pads, rubber tracks, top rollers, top carrier rollers, bottom rollers, bottom track rollers, idlers, sprockets, final drives, drive motors, buckets, seal kits, starter motors, water pumps, alternators, filters, buckets, quick hitches, ripper teeth, land rakes, stone rakes, bespoke attachments to suit all makes and models of micro & mini excavators mini diggers.

Evans & Reid have been specialising in aftermarket mini excavator spare parts / mini digger spare parts for over 25 years, stocking replacement parts for most diggers from micro diggers, mini diggers, up to 10 ton diggers.

Steel Track Groups & Chains

MEC tracks are manufactured using latest forging technologies to provide a highly durable chain to ensure long life.

Available from stock for all Mini Excavators:  1 to 8 tonne operating weight.

Track pitches:  90mm – 101.6mm – 135mm – 140mm – 154mm

Pad widths: 230mm – 300mm – 350mm – 40mm – 450mm – 550mm – 60mm

In addition Tracks Pads up to 800mm wide are stocked

Bolt on Rubber Pads

Robust solution for using steel tracks on paved or vulnerable surfaces can be removed when not required.

Pads are bolted through holes in the steel pad of the steel track and are manufactured from complex compounds of rubber to give high abrasive wear resistance and durability.

Steel Track Groups C/W Bolt on Rubber Pads

Available from stock complete track groups with rubber pads ready bolted on are particularly popular with customers who need new tracks, requiring the robustness of steel but the flexibility of rubber.

Customer feedback has told us that with 6 to 8 tonne machines on hire, problems are being experienced with rubber tracks being damaged by the operator resulting in dispute over who should pay for the damaged track.

This system presents a solution to this problem in that any damage is limited to an individual rubber pad and in the lifetime of the track system the cost is lower for the steel track /rubber pad combination.  We are experts in the field of conversions and have converted hundreds of machines from rubber tracks over the last few years.

Clip on Rubber Pads

The solution to fitting rubber pads to steel track where the steel track pad has no holes drilled to accommodate the bolt on pad.

This type of rubber pad is held onto the steel track by a clip on either end of the pad with the underside of the pad   molded to snugly fit over the grouser bar ensuring secure location.

A flexible system as the pads can be removed when the machine is needed for a steel track only application

These are available for excavators from 2.5 to 22 tonnes, and in widths from 300 to 800 mm.

City Pad Tracks

A cheaper option for having a rubber pad with the benefit of the strength of a steel chain

Rubber pads, bolt directly onto the track chain on 4 to 8 tonne excavators.

Free Technical Advice Service

Our engineers have unrivalled experience in specifying track applications and conversions.

All systems have their limitations and we can advise on the best technical and economic solution for your application.